Sunday, February 24, 2008

Almost sandstorm in Tokyo and plum tree flowers

Strong winds blowing over Tokyo and yesterday clouds turned into slightly brownish color. It was amazing scene and people came out on the streets to look on this phenomenon. I have never seen clouds in such color before. Seemed that it will start to rain in any minute, but it was not close to that. All dust and sand on the streets has been flying and soon eyes become itchy. Wind was blowing from North - Northwest direction, which means that dust was heading from Tokyo towards the sea and was probably pushed up with warm ocean air.

Winter sky
Image: Looking from Yokosuka in South of Yokohama towards Tokyo sky

Winter sky
Image: This picture I borrowed from another flickr user CoCreatr. Now you can see how it looks when sandstorm is blasting around

It was much more peaceful in Yokosuka town, which is south of Tokyo and Yokohama. Here some plum tree flowers were already blooming in Taurabairin park in Yokosuka. This garden features some 2700 plum trees and just 75 000 daffodils.

I also received booklet from person siting in the booth in park. Here is map in PDF and link to guide page (in Japanese and I don't know person who maintains that page).

Plum tree flower
Image: Its too cold for plum trees to bloom, but some flowers are open

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Video: Look from the hill in plum garden

This is look from Taurabairin garden last year.

From Shinagawa station with JR Yokosuka line (dark blue) till station Taura 1 hour then walk 25 min. Alternative - from Shinagawa station by Keikyuu line (red trains) till station Keikyuu taura 45 min and then walk 30 min.

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