Thursday, April 10, 2008

Baegundae in Bukhansan National Park

In this video I am climbing Baegundae (834 m) in international team with Ms. Precious from Korea and Satoru-san from Japan. Mountain is located in Bukhansan National Park, which was very easy to reach by subway. Path is very stony and is like walking on stairs. There were really many people, so sometimes we had to stand and wait before proceeding in some narrow places. Near summit, we also met two students of Buddhism from Israel and Czech Republic. Baegundae is very international mountain indeed.

Climbers getting ready
Image: There were many climbers on the route. This scene just after leaving bus. Soon afterwards path splits into many directions

Video: some scenes from climbing

Look from Baegundae
Image: Look from Baegundae. Some haze prevented from seeing far, but scenery around mountain was good. Seoul is somewhere nearby behind cloud cover

Look from Baegundae
Image: Look from Baegundae

Subway line No.3 till Gupabal station and then bus 704. Actually most of people will be waiting for bus 704. Around bus stop place to shop for supplies.

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Alison said...

Wow, absolutely stunning scenery :)