Friday, April 10, 2009

Yoyogi park musicians

There are many videos on the internet about Yoyogi park in Tokyo, but I could not resist to upload my version.

I think this is one of most interesting things to see in Tokyo. Park only gets busy during weekends. As you can see in video many foreign tourists also enjoy performances.

Video: musical activities

Here are links to some bands I could find:
Bably swing singing girl and jazzy band
Loovee they sing at the beginning and end


Alison said...

Nice video and fantastic quality too! What software did you use to do the transition effects between clips?

Mountaincat said...

Thank you! It is in standard definition actually. I use program which came with Canon camera - Pixela. It works well as I only need to cut, join and occasionally add some titles.

Alison said...

Useful! I must definitely find some kind of editing software now that I can take video!

Mountaincat said...

That’s good idea. Editing videos is fun – it’s like playing computer games. You might also want to check what kind of file format your camera is recording to be sure that video editor can open it.