Sunday, August 2, 2009

Edogawa fireworks show 2009

Summer in Japan means festivals, mikoshi, Obon dancing, beach, ice cream, watermelons, soft cream, surfing, summer kimonos, wooden shoes and fireworks! This is Edogawa fireworks show on river Edogawa, which separates Tokyo city and Chiba prefecture. One of biggest in Tokyo - 14 000 rockets shot in 75 minutes on sight of 1.5 million spectators watching from both sides of the river.

I am not extremely addicted fireworks fan, but I love buzz and festival atmosphere around it. Also, post about fireworks is absolutely necessary on Japan blogs, so here is my version.

Video: some moments from fireworks show

I should also mention that everything surrounding fireworks show is very well organized in Japan. When arriving at station there will be extra staff to handle huge number of passengers and also in town special staff is guiding people and organizing traffic.

Other biggest fireworks shows in Japan are – All Japan fireworks show - 30 000 rockets in Gifu city, Sumidagawa fireworks in Tokyo – 22 000 rockets from 2 locations and Nagaoka festival fireworks – 20 000 in two days. I have seen Nagaoka fireworks once and was pretty impressed.

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