Friday, April 20, 2007

Three videos from Kofu and cherry tree viewing

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These three videos are from trip to Kofu town in Yamanashi prefecture. Located just three hours from Tokyo, it is good getaway.

After passing long tunnel, train stopped in station with a lot of sakura trees blooming. I got out because could not resist this great sight!

This station has remarkable name - its very long - Katsunumabudoukyou station (勝沼ぶどう郷駅-かつぬまぶどうきょうえき). Budou ぶどう means grapes in Japanese and there are a lot of grapes grown in the area. At the both ends of station I met people with cameras waiting for moments when trains pass.

Cherry tree flowers sakura Japan
Image 1: sakura trees in Katsunumabudoukyou station

Sakura and railway station beautiful
Image 2: sakura trees in Katsunumabudoukyou station

Later I continued to Kofu city and here look at Kofu castle hill. From castle just walls are left and train station is built accross former place of castle. From castle great view on surrounding mountains and city.

Image of castle in Google map:

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Video: Look from Kofu castle

View from Kofu castle
Image: part of Kofu castle

View from Kofu castle
Image: view from Kofu castle

On the return way stop to see Monkey bridge. Don't ask me why it is called Monkey bridge, because I did not see any monkeys there. Superstructure, which holds weight on both sides, has interesting shape.

Monkey bridge
Image: Monkey bridge


angela said...

Those trees are quite I understand why people talk about them..
The name of the station is very long, I guess people must abbreviate it.

About Mountaincat said...

Thank you commenting. I guess they are more proud of their long station name. I must check if it is longest in Japan.


Anonymous said...

Kofu look like the best place to visit if Travelers aren't willing to settle in Tokyo. Looks like a cool place to live. :D