Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hakone, trip to

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Hakone is relaxation area close to Tokyo. My primary purpose for going there was to see sulphur springs. There are several transportation modes - mountain train, cable car and rope way. Mountain train goes in zigzag, so sometimes driver will change his seat from front to rear of train. This mountain train goes really slowly and its possible to enjoy views around.

I get off half way. Walked down the road, but some how managed to get lost. I was thinking how locals get around these towns on mountain slopes. Then I discovered small trails running up and down hill, around fences. It got me on track again. Trails really lead to station.

River near Hakone, Japan
Image: Nature is beautiful in Hakone

Hakone cable car station
Image: Hakone cable car station

Image: Smoke from sulphur springs

There is many people around sulphur springs. Tourists enjoy buying black eggs, which are boiled right in those sulphur springs.

From Shinjuku station in Tokyo board Odakyu line for Odawara. Change there for Hakone Yumoto. From Hakone Yumoto station journey starts - take mountain train etc.

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