Tuesday, June 5, 2007

More about mikoshi

Two videos from mikoshi processions. Mikoshi is small Shinto religion shrine, which is carried around residential streets.

First video I filmed earlier and there you can see mikoshi being taken, carried around streets and then put for rest. It is actually difficult to carry it and some degree of coordination is needed between people. As you can see, some people are regulating it from side. Most difficult part is to put it on the bench before rest. Usually mikoshi processions takes longer time, so it is a bit challenge for muscles.

Mikoshi is carried by people who lives or lived in particular area. Some people might move to other town, but they still will be invited to carry mikoshi in previous place.

Mikoshi can be rather old. This particular one was made 70 years ago. Every year some repairs are made if needed.

After carrying mikoshi some small celebration is held. In following video you can see Japanese sake tasting. First, senior citizens break lid of sake jar and then everybody drunks some sake, which served by these half-naked men in the middle. We all drank from small wooden box. Second, salt is placed on edge and then those five men each pour some sake. Have to drink in one go and after drinking a little bit of dancing. I captured moment, when those men drink themselves. It is very salty.

Mikoshi osake
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Here you can see other mikoshi from Yokohama Carnival.

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