Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunshine City

View from Sunshine City tower in Ikebukuro area of Tokyo. Once this building was tallest in Tokyo. Now there are offices and shops to explore on winter days.

It was not so easy to find way to the top. I don't remember how I found, but elevators are located somewhere inside building. Special here - open air platform on the top.

Video: views from top

Interesting to see that tall buildings are located on big street sides, but inside are many small houses.

Image: Shinjuku from far distance

Ikebukuro station
Image: Ikebukuro station

From Ikebukuro station almost all signs and maps are pointing towards Sunshine City. It is also big shopping mall.

In Google map, I zoomed very close to the rooftop of Sunshine City. You can clearly see outside panorama platform. You can zoom out by clicking "-".

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