Thursday, August 9, 2007

Shosenkyo valley in Yamanashi

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Trip to Shosenkyo valley in Yamanashi prefecture. It has nice hiking trail, which is asphalted all the way up, so some part of it need to share with cars. This is good place for day trip and no need for any hiking skills, equipment or supplies.

In video, steep cliff named Kakuenpo can be seen. As it was written in tour map, top of cliff is flat and some monk meditated there for some days. Ishimon means stone gate in Japanese. It also looks like a stone gate. Notice there is small open space between upper and lower stones. At the end - Sengataki big waterfall.

Shosenkyo valley Forest
Image: Nagatoro bashi, entrace to Shosenkyo valley

Yamanashi Forest
Image: Road goes deeper into mountains playing around cliffs

Yamanashi Forest
Image: Looks from trail are beautiful

Image: Dragons and small spring

This place is especially popular in autumn when leaves turn red.Valley also has web page in Japanese.

Access:From Kofu station by bus (570 yen for bottom of valley or 870 yen for top), taxi about 4000 yen. It will take 30-40 min to reach and need to get off at 昇仙峡口 bus stop. Hike from entrance of valley till top might take 2-3 hours.♫

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