Monday, June 2, 2008

Bukou mountain near Chichibu town

It is 1304 metres high and located near Chichibu town in Saitama prefecture. Good place for day hike out of Tokyo. Interesting that this mountain lost one half and become lower due to lime mining activities. Many factories line up one side of mountain.

Limestone is extracted in open mines, put on belts and transfered to factories. Probably all people who live in Chichibu and nearby villages work or otherwise is connected to this limestone mine.

Bukou mountain
Image: Bukou mountain as its seen from Chichibu town side

Cement factory
Image: Cement factory on the hillside

Trail is wide and not steep, but pretty long walk. Forest around trail is being very well kept (probably thanks to nearby mine).

Video: some moments from hike

On the top there are flat meadow with some huts and old temple. Highest point is flat rock from where it is possible to see all of Chichibu town and a little bit peek down into mine.

Temple on Bukou mountain
Image: temple on the top

Mountain on the Google map.

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From Ikebukuro station by Seibu railway till station Yokoze 横瀬 - which is one stop before last - Seibuchichibu 西武秩父. Journey takes around 100 minutes. From there have to follow signs 武甲山 or Bukousan. From top can descent towards station Urayama 浦山, which is on the other side of mountain and from there take train back to Chichibu town.


Anonymous said...

Where is this trailhead? It looks amazing!

Mountaincat said...

Thank you for comment. I will add access guide to the blog.