Thursday, September 6, 2007

Typhon No 9

This is strongest typhoon I have experienced so far. Don't ask me why it is number nine. Very strong blasting wind at times (around 20-25 m/s) with much rain. On sea level barometer suggests low pressure - about the same as in altitude of 500m, 970 hPa.

Some train lines have stopped, airplanes don't fly and usually no ferries go into sea. In such strong wind, there is no need for umbrella, except if you want to fly with it like paragliders do. Anyway, everybody tries to stay dry and inside.

Typhoon No 9
Image: Waves are very spectacular during typhon

It is not in evening, but just was little dark because of rain clouds.

Video: captured near ocean. It was raining much, but rain could not be seen so well

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