Monday, December 3, 2007

Yoro valley in Otaki town

Yoro valley or Yorokeikoku is located in middle of Chiba prefecture. I arrived there in the peak of the autumn foliage season, so it was my most crowded experience outside Tokyo so far.

There are several hiking courses - longest is around 7.5 km and it goes on one side of river bank. Path will lead to Awamata waterfall. Some photos from this hike.

Image: Photoenthusiasts taking photos of train. This photo I took form front window of train

Image: Some of the rocks were impressive

Image: Inside Suigetudera Temple, which is located in the middle of hike

Autumn leaves
Image: Valley is beautiful in autumn colours

From Chiba to Goi station. At Goi change to diesel powered train to station called Youroukeiko. Journey takes around 1h from Goi station. Nice views from train.

Giving autographs
Image: While comming back, I saw girl playing keyboard infront of Chiba station. Later on she and boy with her started to sell recordings and give autographs. She smiled and shook hands with every customer. Group of other people including me were watching whats going on there. Here photos photos speak better than video.

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Clovern CWC said...

The view was magnificent! I wish I could have a chance to visit Japan...