Thursday, September 18, 2008


After arriving in Nagasaki I instantly liked this city. No doubt it turned out to be most interesting of all Kyushu trip. First I went to see Nagasaki Peace Park and used these old Nagasaki trams to move around.

Video: Nagasaki tramway

Next to spectacles bridge, which is oldest arch bridge in Japan. If you look carfully in the photo below, bridge and its reflection in water is a little bit forming spectacles shape.

Even this bridge is so old it is in use today and cars can freely cross it. Around this area are also other interesting bridges.

Image: Nagasaki spectacles bridge

Next are views around Chinatown. First from new part, where are most shops located. Finaly look into European quarter in Nagasaki. These buildings are also original - they survived atomic bombing, because bomb felt on the opposite side of town.

Video: spectacles bridge, Chinese quarter and European style buildings

Image: Temple in China town

Nagasaki Chinatown
Image: Nagasaki Chinatown

A game loved by everyone
Image: Men are playing table game. I did not ask how much are stakes

Image: Most of the things in Chinatown seems old and real

In the evening, just before dawn I took ropeway up to Inasa hill. On top is view platform from which is possible to see around the hill. One side has nice view on the town and other side - small islands scattered in sea.

Video: view from Inasa hill on Nagasaki

Image: look on the small islands from Inasa hill

Image: Sunset on the top of Inasa hill

Next my jounrney continue by train to Kumamoto city.

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