Saturday, August 9, 2008

Nagasaki Peace Park

First after arriving in Nagasaki, I visited Peace Park and place where atomic bomb exploded. It is called Atomic Bomb Hypocenter.

Video: walking around Atomic Bomb Hypocenter and Peace Park

Place to commemorate explosition center is area about size of a football field with some trees and is surrounded by roads and dwelling houses. On one side is located black monument, which indicates center of explosition and on opposite side is monument of mother holding child with date and time on it. There are some benches under trees, where I saw group of Japanese school children sitting and chatting lively. Only adults were quiet and came in groups to stand silently in front of the black monument.

Nagasaki, monument showing place where atomic bomb exploded
Image: monument showing place where atomic bomb exploded

I read what information stand says - atomic bomb exploded on August 9, 1945, 500 m above this place. It killed or injured 150 000 people. It also says that people believed that this area would lack vegetation for 75 years. This indicates how little that time was known about radiation. I watched children and black monument again and thought - life is really powerful, even most murderous weapon can not destroy it. Pictures on information stand show destruction and death, but now this place is full with sounds of busy city and children’s voices.

Not far is located Peace Park. Centrally located is statue of a man with a raised arm. This statue is usually displayed in photographs about Nagasaki. There are also beautiful fountain, which symbolizes victims thirst for water. After bombing they endured burns and were asking for water.

There are also several other statues in the park. Overall idea, concept of sculptures and fountain in this peace park is very well done. If possible, more tourists who visit Japan should be encouraged to visit Peace Park. It is place to remember tragedy for all of us, for all of mankind.

Nagasaki Peace Park
Image: Scuplture in Nagasaki Peace Park showing mother and child

Nagasaki Peace Park
Image: bell in Nagasaki Peace Park

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