Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Climbing Fuji from Fujinomiya trail

It was perfect and bright day. Not often in summer can get such a clear sky day, so I was rushing to mountain even a little busy that time. Views from mountain was fanastic, because of little cloud cover and sunny day.

Fuji trail entrance at 2400 m
Image: at the trail entrance

Fujinomiya Trail is mostly used for those who come from West side of Japan: Osaka, Nagoya etc. I tried to fit climb into one day, but failed. When returned from mountain, path was very busy so there was delays.

Video: some moments from climb

Fuji while looking to ocean
Image: look towards ocean

Fuji climb crater
Image: crater of Fuji

Fuji night look from
Image: city is sleeping somewhere there, but for me long way down

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