Monday, March 12, 2007

Trip to Choshi town and Inobosaki cape, Chiba prefecture

Choshi, Chiba
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Choshi is located on extreme East of Kanto region, Chiba prefecture. It has impressive waves and also first sunrise in Japan on New Years Day.

Movie starts with the glimpse on Choshi railway train, later views of waves and sea from Choshi lighthouse and Byobugaura cliffs, which are called Dover of the East. These are 40-50m cliffs which runs along coastline for 10 km. Now there was small road built, which a bit took away magic and wilderness of the place. At Byobugaura, day turned into night so I returned.

Lighthouse in Japan
Image: Choshi lighthouse on Inosaki cape

road by coast
Image: Road goes right by the coast

Byobugaura cliffs
Image: Byobugaura cliffs are impressive in the dark

Two hours from Tokyo by train - express train Shiosai around 4220 yen 1h, bus from Tokyo station Yaesu exit - 2500 yen 2h, local train - 2200 yen 3h. Cliffs are away from station. Click here to access town page (opens new window).

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