Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Asia: Three videos from trip to Hong Kong

Pretty enjoyable trip. Flight from Japan to Hong Kong took me around 4 hours on half empty Boeing 747. Passport control also was longest in my travel experience. As a visitor from exotic country, I always get a lot of attention.

Video: Around HK and its landmarks

Video starts with views from airport bus, which gets into Kawloon area of Hong Kong, glimpse over Hong Kong strait, view from Star ferry, old trams, tall buildings. Look on South China Sea and from Victoria peak, which is higest point on Hong Kong island.

It seems that weather is cloudy and I thought it is fog, but since fog did not go away next day and day after next, I concluded that it is smog. As you can see in picture below, tall buildings are in slight, pale color behind smoggy air.

HK straight
Image: Busy water way between Kowloon and Hong Kong island

Here is Google map satelitte image of this waterway.

Kowloon is peninsula, whereas Hong Kong is island, but together Kowloon, Hong Kong island, New Territories and several other islands, form Hong Kong SAR. Kowloon is busy and packed with people, mostly Chinese. Hong Kong island on the other hand have many fine houses and tall bank buildings. Hong Kong island is connected with Star ferry, which I am taking in video, and undersea tunnels.

It was good change to be in Hong Kong. First of all - food. Restaurants mostly serve Chinese noodles or food plus Chinese noodles. If it is Japanese restaurant, it means there will be sushi and Chinese noodles, if it is Korean restaurant, there will be kimchi and Chinese noodles, Indian restaurant – curry plus Chinese noodles etc. Seems everywhere is served Chinese noodles. When ordering food in restaurant, it comes in big servings. In such size that you could not hesitate to serve it on European tables as well. Those noodles are delicious of course, but after couple of days it is a bit challenge to find some place not serving noodles. Then, I don’t hesitate to call fast food chains like McDonalds my best friends.

HK night scene
Image: Night scene on Hong Kong island

Hong Kong has many fine and green parks. Some of them have fountains and verandas, where people can relax in shadow. Some of these verandas feature elements of Chinese folklore and very beautiful. Even city is packed with buildings and other infrastructure, it seems that everything is carefully planned.

Video: Wong Tai Sin Temple

In this video, taoist ceremony with portable shrine procession, which looked somehow similar to Japanese mikoshi. Behind the Temple is nice Chinese style park with some small, artifical waterfalls. Here this temple in Google map of Wong Tai Sin Temple area (you can drag with mouse to see around this area):

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Park behind temple, HK
Image: Park behind Wong Tai Sin temple

Banner at the entrance of temple, HK
Image: Chinese style banner in temple

Bus ride in Hong Kong reminded me England. Here going to Stanley beach. Road sometimes is bumpy, so you can see I have difficulty holding camera. Not so many cars in Hong Kong. It seems that owning car is very expensive. Most of cars I saw were taxis and expensive brands like Mercedes, BMW etc.

Video: Bus ride on Hong Kong island

View from bus
Image: View from window of double decker bus

Here see this road on the map. Water seen is Repulse Bay.

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