Monday, March 12, 2007

View from top of Roppongi Hills tower

Video: some views from Roppongi Hills tower

This is Tokyo from 53th floor. In pictures and video, you can see there center of Tokyo, Tokyo tower, Shinjuku towers. From far distance also ocean and Odaiba area. The day I visited Roppongi hill could not see so clearly, because day was a little foggy (smog).

SHinjuku Skyscrapers
Image: Shinjuku Skyscapers

Tokyo Tower and other buildings
Image: Tokyo Tower

Image: Tokyo view

Link to Roppongi Hills page (opens new window) and below is Google map of this building.

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kArEn said...

It's so impressive to see Tokyo from high floor!!Is it have better view comparing with Tokyo Tower?

Mountaincat said...

Thank you! I just went to Roppongi Hills, because it was brand new building completed recently. Tokyo Tower view also must be good.

Promenade Du Feu said...

Thanks for the visit.Keep coming

About Mountaincat said...

Thank you for commenting!