Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Japanese style wedding: Italy vs Japan

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Beautiful Japanese style wedding of Yukiko and Stefano. It was held in Meiji shirne, which is in center of Tokyo. Since it was holliday and weather was very good, a lot of tourists have gathered. I was a little confused to find ceremony place, since Meiji shrine is really big complex. After going around several buildings, I found board with Japanese names and only "Stefano" written in Latin letters, so I was sure to be on the right way.

After coming inside shrine, all guests gathered in one room. It is time to talk with each other and take photos with to be weds. Staff of the shrine weared light brown kimonos and explained everything. Image how good job they have - every day they can wear kimonos and see happy and excited people.

When time came, we gathered in two lines and went for wedding ceremony in shrine. A lot of tourists watched us and took photos - I felt we are like celebrities or something. I don't have film or photos from there, because staff asked us not to take pics. Inside shrine, we sit along long tables and groom and bride was in the middle of the room. Japanese tradional music was played softly (fiddle and drums). Two priests and two maikos (nuns at shrine) performed all ceremonies. We have to bow and clap slowly two times. Maiko gave every guest a little bit of osake (Japanese rice wine).

Japanese style wedding
Image: groom and bride after ceremony

After ceremony, some more photos and banquet in hotel. We had to take off our shoes and enter special Japanese style banquet room. Everyone has assigned seat. Two anthems were played - both Italy and Japan. Guest also sang other songs in Italian and Japanese. Newly weds were also asked to break lid of osake (Japanese rice spirit) jar.

At the end groom read out his promise and more photos. When leaving wedding, we got some souvenirs as it is common in Japanese weddings.

The place were it all happened on Google map. Notice Meiji shrine in the middle of green oasis in Tokyo concrete jungle.

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angela said...

That is so interesting and the kimonos to die for...lucky, lucky you to have been there. Thanks for sharing.

About Mountaincat said...

Dear Angela,
Thank you for commenting. It was really like wedding from fairy tale - kimonos, surroundings and events during wedding. Everything was fantastic.


kArEn said...

It's intersting to see the Japanese wedding. It's totally different with the Chinese one. I was amazed to see the groom wearing the kimono!!

About Mountaincat said...

Dear Karen,
Thank you for comment! Actually, traditional wedding is great fun. Now I want to see Chinese wedding as well.


Mikykarioca said...

Ciao Martin, I'm Michele do you remember? Stefano's friend from Italy. We meet at the wedding. I'm trying to organize the pictures we took that day and post them somewhere on internet. I'll send you the link as soon as possible. Take care.