Thursday, May 3, 2007

Skywalk tango

Skywalk is viewing platforma below Yokohama Bay Bridge highway deck. Nice sunset and view towards Yokohama. Tango music and sunset made me very sentimental.

Image: Yokohama view, Fuji can be seen a little

Image: Red sunset

During my Yokohama port trip I shoted video below Yokohama Bay Bridge. Skywalk can be seen at 0:27 minutes.


angela said...

Sunsets in the East always seem more vivid than here in Europe.
Beautiful photos.

About Mountaincat said...

Thank you, Angela. I used to take sunset photos over sea, but living on this side of Japan, I discovered that city sunsets can also be cool.


Rcon Pascua said...

truly captivating photos! I'm trying to learn photography now and I'm wishing I can capture images as stunning as that!

About Mountaincat said...

Thank you, Rcon! I am not really so much into photography, just sharing my experience with photos and videos.