Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mitake forest and shrine

Rainy day hike around mountain called Mitake. Close to Tokyo and easy access with cable car, makes this place ideal destination on rainy day. On top (929 m) is famous Musashi Mitake Jinja shrine. In video, main shrine building is seen in red color and I was there when it was right in the clouds. In the yard are smaller shrines, which are devoted to specific topic, like for traffic safety, safety at home, for success in education and knowledge etc. See them in 360 degrees turn scene in shirne yard.

Further on hiked around nearby forest, where two waterfalls can be seen. Trail was muddy, forest was foggy, but the views were wonderful.

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Video: Musashi Mitake Shrine and waterfalls in nearby forest

Musashi Mitake
Image: Look on Musashi Mitake shrine

Temple and fog
Image: Mythical dog guarding shrine entrance

Low clouds
Image: Low clouds made panorama views beautiful

Random forest
Image: Forest is mysterious in the fog

Green stone
Image: This rock looks a little bit like gorilla's head (friendly)

This place is located nearby Okutama valley. Here my previous post about trip to Okutama valley.

Train from Shinjuku to Tachikawa, then to Ome, change again for direction to Okutama. Closest station is Mitake. After getting out of station, bus stop is on the left and near big road (2-3 min walk). Bus goes to cable car station.

In this area one hotspring is moegi no jou. It is near Okutama station - last stop of Okutama train line.

This place on the map. You can move around by draging mouse.

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