Monday, September 24, 2007

Ohara hadaka matsuri 2007

This is naked mens festival in small town by the coast. Tradition of carrying mikoshi into the sea goes back to Edo period. There are around 19 Shinto shrines participating in the event.

Video: something from Ohara naked man festival. Caution: high volume sound here!

At the begining, mikoshi are gathered for a small ceremony. Interesting was to see that each team tried to throw mikoshi as high in the air as it could. After this ceremony, main event was on the beach. Many people gathered there, like there will be expected good rock concert. Police tried to control those crowds with laudspeakers and ropes. I got pretty good view even I arrived later.

Many people come to visit this festival. As you can see there is sea of cameras. Also, many foreign tourists come to see this event.

Ohara hadaka matsuri
Image: Mikoshi in the sea

Auto care
Image: Having some rest in car service station

Just one smart guy
Image: Many people took photo opportunity.

From Tokyo go to Chiba or Sobo station. Change to Sotobori line, which goes to Ohara station. Frequency of trains on Sotobori line is about 1-2 trains in an hour. Festival happens every year on 23rd, 24th September, but check it before going to be sure. There is nice beach near to town as well.

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