Friday, November 9, 2007

Miura Peninsula and coast

Miura Peninsula is located South of Tokyo. Although it is close to Tokyo, it is not well known. There are interesting lava fields, which extends right into sea. Sea water, sun played with these rocks and turned them into various figures. No vulcano around there, so I really wonder how these lava fields were formed.

Image: Lava field which extends into sea

At the very end of Miura Peninsula is Joushima island. Following pictures are from Joushima island.

Rocks on Joushima island
Image: Joushima island coast

Rock on Joushima island
Image: Interesting rock on Joushima island

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Video: some impressions of Miura peninsula

Miura Peninsula on Google map:

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Patrick said...

cool i'm going there tomorrow an we are going to look fo crabs and small
fish thanks for the sight

Mountaincat said...

Thanks for comment. Around this time crabs could be seen. I wrote about them too in another post. This is on Joushima island.

There are a lot of them in those small holes of lawa fields. Need to move slowly and listen to the small, sharp sound of their chelaes.