Sunday, November 4, 2007

Tokyo Motor Show 2007

This was most crowded exhibition I have ever been in Japan. Big crowd already formed in station and it took around 5-7 minutes just to get down from platform.

Exhibition was organized in all huge halls of Makuhari Messe plus exhibits, test courses outside. Mostly people concentrated in hall where Japanese cars were displayed. When I appeared there, I was pushed and thorn to various sides, because people were moving all directions and I just somehow managed to swim in the sea of peoples according to trajectory of Brown particle movements. It was a little more space and air in hall where were European and American cars. Some people came with small children, but I doubt that they could see anything and parents have to keep them on hands for safety reasons.

Tokyo Motor Show 2007
Image: Racing car from Mitsubishi Motors

At Tokyo Motor Show were exhibitors from 11 countries, although I spotted only those car companies, which are already selling in Japan. Exhibitors put up some shows, which usually involved movies on big screens (you could also see them in CEATEC exhibition as well). I think Volkswagen show was the best in this exhibition. I hear people going “ahhh” at times and must say – Volkswagen surprised me. They also allowed people to sit inside and touch all their cars. Staff were holding big files with data about Volkswagen cars and were ready to explain everything. Good job, Volkswagen!

Tokyo Motor Show 2007
Image: Pretty girl in the show

Japanese car makers put up video plus girls’ shows. They also had cars on display which were slowly turning on round disc. Speakers above respective car were blasting sounds of extreme overdrive gear changing.

Tokyo Motor Show 2007
Image: Volvo showed stair driving possibility

Volvo put emphasis on safety and they also got old Volvo car on display, which was very nice. Volvo was also only foreign company in hall for trucks, buses and bikes. Truck companies organized driver seat tryouts for those who wanted.

Tokyo Motor Show 2007
Image: Future vision truck from Fuso

Tokyo Motor Show 2007
Image: Lisboa - Dakar racing truck from Hino

Anyway I expected a little more from exhibitors – more interesting entertainment, shows, something creative etc.

Tokyo Motor Show 2007
Image: Suzuki show

Tokyo Motor show
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Video: Some moments from the show

Makuhari Messe on Google map. Compare Makuhari Meese with nearby stadium to have idea how really huge it is.

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