Monday, August 18, 2008

Kagoshima city

Kagoshima is most Southern of big cities in Japan. It has around 600 000 inhabitants and lies on the same latitude as Shanghai in China. It’s warm till late autumn.

As I was starting from Kumamoto that day, access to Kagoshima was no easy one. There is bus from Fukuoka city, but not from Kumamoto. Shinkansen train is built and available from Kumamoto to Kagoshima. I choose local train and it took me 4-5 hours. Ride was one of most beautiful in Japan as train was going close to seaside and it was often possible to see people swimming.

Video: from train window while traveling from Kumamoto to Kagoshima

After arriving in Kagoshima, I notice how sky was blue. Usually in other parts of Japan it is cloudy or hazy in summer. Then there are a lot of monuments in the city, which is not possible to see in other Japanese cities. Most of these monuments commemorate events, which took place around 150 years back, when Japan tried to modernize technology and administrative system. For example, near Kagoshimachuo station can be seen monument for Satsuma students, who were sent to England and later knowledge they brought back was very beneficial for Japan.

Kagoshima, Satsuma students
Image: Statue of Satsuma students infront of Kagoshima station

Kagoshima 3
Image: old fortification wall

Kagoshima 2
Image: another monument for you!

Main purpose to come to Kagoshima was to see Sakurajima volcano. It can not be missed as it is seen from almost all parts of city. From some streets it looked like giant wall. Vulcano is considered to be active and when it last erupted in 1914 it spew so much lava that it covered other small islands nearby. I think volcano formed before people arrived here.

Video: View around Kagoshima city from Shiroyama park, street scenes and U-tram

Other things to see and enjoy is Kagoshima is:
- Traveling by ferry to Sakurajima to observe volcano
- Seeing Kagoshima City Aquarium
- Observe city from Shiroyama park
And other.

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