Saturday, October 4, 2008

Shimonoseki and Kanmon straits

Shimonoseki is town at the very end of Japanese mainland. Kyushu can be seen just across Kanmon straits. It is busy shipping way and ships can be seen going continuously.

First I visited Kaikyo Yume tower to see from highest point what this town is all about. According to booklet I received at entrance, tower itself is 153 m tall, where viewing platform is 143 m high. Sides of tower is covered with 8 700 sheets of glass. On the top of tower is café with very nice view on Kanmon straits. Probably this café has the best view in Japan. Highly recommended.

Enjoy Liverpool in Japan
Image: English style building and Kaikyo Yume Tower in the background

Video: Look from Kaikyo Yume tower

After seeing Kaikyo Yume tower I followed seafront area and moved towards bridge and came upon Akama Jingu.

Shimonoseki canons
Image: history can be felt while walking around Shimonoseki town

There are several ways to cross Kanmon straits. I choose to walk... in undersea tunnel.

Video: look around Kanmon straits

Undersea tunnel connecting mainland and Kyushu island
Image: Look inside tunnel. This line indicates border between Kyushu and Honshuu islands

Kanmon straits
Image: schematic outline of tunnel - yellow color is road tunnel, light brown - pedestrian, blue is water collector. Road tunnel is located above pedestrian.

Next to Kokura and further to Fukuoka.

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