Friday, January 16, 2009

Five and more temples in Kaohsiung - Spring and Autumn Pavilions

Next temple is really great - it looks like dragon. Can walk inside and it goes up and down. There are interesting pictures on the walls.

On the dragon - statue of Goddess - Kuan Yin. She is also known as Goddess of Mercy and worshiped in Buddhist world. In Japanese, Goddess is called Kannon or Kannon-sama to be more polite.

I just crossed street from Taoist temple and got into Buddhist world.

Image: look on the dragon from Chi Ming Tang

In the video you can see turtles and figures of storks. Both symbolize longevity in Chinese folklore.

Video: see pond with turtles and inside dragon

Next to Yuan Di Temple

Big dragon seen very clearly on Google map:

View Larger Map

While seeing dragons in Taoist temples one thing puzzles me the most - if dragons really existed ? If so why no traces or remains in fossil form could be found ? If they did not existed – what gave inspiration for ancient people ? Nothing can really be created “out of the blue”.

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