Thursday, May 7, 2009

Yokohama Parade No 54 2009

This is yearly event, therefore I believe number is 54. Parade starts in area near Yamashita park and then proceeds to Redbrick warehouses, turns there and comes to finish near Kannai station. I took video while standing somewhere not far from finish.

All parade lasts somewhere less than 5 hours and there are 46 participating groups, so its very long. There are large gaps between groups as they have to cross road with traffic (it is regulated with intervals). There was really a lot of policemen as you can see in video.

Video: some moments from parade

You can see scouts, brass bands, cheer girls, samba dancers, high school students, beauty contest winners, Korean school children, Peru musicans etc.

Homepage of parade.

Bonus video:
Yokohama Flower Art Festival

Video: see flower leaves lied down in mosaic

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