Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yurikamome line in Odaiba

This is Yurikamome line in Odaiba district Tokyo. This is automatic train line, so there is no driver.

Odaiba area is an artificial island (landfill). Tourists are usually brought there and its a must see place in Tokyo. You can see there a lot of space and new construction is going on.

Video: front view while riding around Odaiba. I speeded up 8 times

It is pretty expensive to take all this line. So, what I did - I took this line till the end while standing near front window with camera in hands and then came back to previous station with following train. In Japan there is no need to pay if not getting out of station. It means that I am enjoying the ride, but in the same time not going anywhere. I also did not see any conductor, but if they requesting to show ticket and ask what is your destination, need to pay adjustment.

Yurikamome line Tokyo
Image: train passes modern buildings and vast meadows


B.Smith said...

Thanks! I've been looking at your blog, it's really nice. Japan looks so cool, I hope I can travel there before I go back to America. It's just so expensive... Anyway, I loved the video, it was like I was seeing the future:-)

Mountaincat said...

Thank you for watching. Its not really so expensive. Knowing language maybe helps sometimes to find cheaper deals and transportation. Definitely Japan is worth to visit.