Sunday, May 3, 2009

Super typhoon Jangmi in Taipei

This was biggest typhoon Taipei has experienced in 2008. Wind speed was assumed to be more than 227 km/h (it was fastest wind speed metrological bureau can record). Using umbrella - impossible because it breaks down instantly in the wind. Going out makes clothes and body completely wet - I looked like I have just returned from fully clothed swimming.

Video: typhoon in Taipei

I thought where it could be more fun to enjoy this typhoon on top of Taipei 101, which is highest building in the world and engineering wonder. No questions if I want to pay that high entry ticket again - I am going to enjoy this typhoon at maximum. Yet, disappointment came that Taipei 101 was closed because of typhoon. There was many tourists hanging around and it was pity a bit.

Also cafes and shops where closing, except for some convenience stores. I bought many cakes and drinks in convenience store to give my little support to brave business people. Another attraction which still kept working perfectly in these odd conditions was Taipei MRT - metro. If you work in Taipei MRT and are reading this, I wanted to say that you are employed by the best public transportation company in the world. I was impressed!

So, people were not on the streets and I guess everyone was watching TV. TV stations went live reporting about this typhoon. I returned to youth hostel, where other residents were sitting leisurely by TV. So, it’s good to be back in Japan and I am returned with flight next day.

McDonalds embraces for typhoon in Taipei
Image: McDonalds embraces for typhoon

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
Image: All Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is my, my, MY!

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
Image: apparently there is a hole in the roof

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