Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Two flying videos

Two flying video - one while going to Hong Kong and other one is while taking off from Hong Kong.

In the first video I am flying over Fuji on day before Christmas. It was clear weather day and Fuji was without cloud cover. Since airplane was about 9 km high there is about 6 kmm distance between Fuji top and airplane.

Video: Fuji from the sky

Flying over stars
Image: Flying over stars

Second video is while taking off from Hong Kong airport. There was thick fog in the morning and I thought that all flights will be canceled. To my surprise our flight was in time.

Fog in airport
Image: thick fog covers airport

Airplane in fog
Image: where are other airplanes ?

How pilot can take off because fog was so thick that at times it was impossible to see even wing tips. Not a time for even driving car on the road. I don't think pilot can see that center line on the runway to steer airplane. Luckily flight was eventful.

Video: taking off during fog

I mean I am not in that much hurry. I would have prefered for fog to clear before traveling further.

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sarah said...

i love flying in and out of hong kong! its so amazing!