Thursday, March 29, 2007

Climbing Oyama mountain

Oyama means "big mountain" in Japanese, but acutally its not so big by Japan standards (1252 m). If weather permits, from top nice view on Kanagawa prefecture, Yokohama and Tokyo.

Halfway up to peak is located Oyama temple. Trail is wide, but has many stones. During my visit, Oyama was busy with hikers, because of holliday time. Many people came with children and managed to climb mountain.

Oyama temple
Image: Oyama temple, front view

Trail goes up to Oyama peak
Image: Look on trail

Look towards Shonan area from Oyama
Image: Look from temple yard towards ocean

Oyama mountains is also beautiful is autumn foliage.

Temple in the middle of mountain can be reached also by cable car for those who don't want to walk much. There is some tea and snack houses just outside cable car station. On the left side of temple, trail continues up to top of Oyama mountain. Climb starts with very steep stairs and rail in the middle. Sometimes can miss this entrance.

Oyama temple on Google map.

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First to Isehara station on Odakyu line (goes from Shinjuku). Then bus just outside Isehara station. Buses have electronic table with "Oyama cable car" written, so it’s hard to miss it. This mountain is very well accessible even for casual climbers.

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