Sunday, May 13, 2007

Azegamaru in Tanzawa mountain range

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Azegamaru (畦ヶ丸, 1 293 m) is forested mountain with soft white rock (probably sort of calcite and dolomite). Many mountain rivers and waterfalls. Good hike, but not so many good views since very forested.

Trails are very good with many bridges, wide track, mountain huts with toilets etc. It is part of Tanzawa-Oyama quasi-national park. Oyama also belongs to Tanzawa mountains.

Image: look over Tanzawa mountains

Image: forest in Tanzawa mountains

Object on mountain
Image: object, which was placed on top of mountain.

Video while driving to Tanzawa mountain range. This route has everything - view on white Fuji, high bridges, passes through narrow mountain valleys etc.


angela said...

Are you driving on the left?
Beautiful photos and films. The forest is lovely but that view od Fuji in the distance is breathtaking.

About Mountaincat said...

Thank you for commenting! That would be too dangerous to drive and film. I can only film when somebody else is driving.

Marti said...

Just found this site OMG did it bring back a flood of memories. I spent 5 years in Japan and wrote about Tanzawa on my blog title of the post is Alone in the Mountains with the Thunder. The videos the music to the video the phots of the water falls and streams....OMG thank you! It was a great trip down memory lane!

Mountaincat said...

Hey, great to hear from fellow hiker! I hope memories will make you come back to Japan again for adventure in the mountains.