Thursday, September 20, 2007

JATA World Travel Fair 2007

One of greatest travel fairs. Walking around there is like traveling around the world. Very good place to see travel marketing efforts of every country. This year's motto was "旅行の力をチャージしよう", which literally means "Lets charge our travel power". Don't ask me what is travel power, but charge has the same meaning as to fill-up, bring to full etc.

When entering exibition vistors were greeted with big board like in airports. Exibition was large and located in three halls in two floors - top for Asia, Japan and lower floor for other countries.

travel fair
Image: Exibiton location board

Booths and exibition spaces were colorfuly decoraded. Middle East and Asian countries impressed with lights and smart appearance.

Image: Abu Dhabi and Pakistan exibition spaces

travel fair
Image: Indians featured movies in their exibition space. Incredible !ndia sounds good marketing slogan

Many countries brought dancers and singers to Japan. Some hired local people to wear national dress or in other promotional activities. Many of Japanese visitors were ready to speak English.

Image: beautiful people and costumes from Brunei

Image: Dancing girls from Srilanka

There was one big stage for performances as well as bigger booths organized dances, music at their space. Here are some performances I captured:

JATA 2007
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Video: glimse on some of the performances. Included Malaysia twice - my favorite

Image: Ireland featured three mascots

I took photos of interesting people I have seen at exibition:

travel fair
Image: These girls from Kenya booth, amazingly they also speak Swahili.

travel fair
Image: Miss Guam Tourism has really nice smile

travel fair
Image: Korean casino organized casino plays and they got a long queue waiting

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