Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year celebrations

In the video, you can see fireworks at Minatomirai area of Yokohama. They were short, but nice. After enjoying fireworks, moved to temple in Kawasaki city as most people would visit temple during new years night.

In temple was too dark to film and we had to wait more than hour to get in, during peak time - 2AM-3AM. There was really many people. Police took care of controlling crowd. People were allowed to approach temple after previous people have left. It was well organized, I must say. After coming out of temple, there are many shops open during new years night. Special food is sticky rice cake - mochi. We tried some spicy chicken. New thing this year - two booths were selling Turkish kebabs.

New Year
Image: people shop for typical new year food and other snacks

New Year
Image: chicken was popular during new years night

Temple on Google map, daytime:

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Satine said...

hey martin!!! it looks really fun to be in japan on new years eve!!!! mmm should take it into consideration some day~ hehe i also recognize the place u went for counting down~~ luv the chicken in pic & in video, it looks sooooo yummy makes me hungry again haha, but how come i can't find kebab in the video?? haha sounds like its very difficult to find what i dun like to eat hahaha :P

Mountaincat said...

Thank you for comment!!! Do you know that place ? It is Minatomirai. We called this lady who cooked chicken very nicely - Chicken Cinderella. She was cooking really well and eating chicken was key event for the night.

Satine said...

haha chicken cinderella, its a funny name, so she had to stop cooking chicken & go home before 12that night? :P

mmmm yummmmm i love chicken~~ japanese new year is soo much fun!!