Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween parade in Kawasaki

This scary event took place in Kawasaki. In my mind just one word (as in minds of other spectators) - sugoi (in Japanese - spectacular, surprising etc).

Masks were very interesting - some were scary, but some caused wave of laugh. There were masks based on game characters as well (I know because I visited Tokyo Game Show before). Some ladies gave candies to the children observing parade. No candies for me, but instead I got air kiss. :)

Video: Halloween parade

Parade was going around shopping arcades, but they had to cross big streets with traffic. That’s why parade participants had to form groups and wait for light to turn green. Between those big streets sometimes they had to run, that’s why you can see some participants running.

Image: make up here - a masterpiece. It was scary!

Image: impossible not to laugh

Other masks:


Image: scaring others is not an easy job

Image: after parade some masks were dropped and we saw participants

A Very Scary Halloween to You All!

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