Monday, December 8, 2008

Hualien - Taitung by bus

After relaxing day in Hualien I was ready for more filming. Since, train line did not follow coast from Hualien to Taitung I choose bus. There is one direct bus per day as to my knowledge. Other buses go till border of Hualien County and maybe it is possible to catch another bus to Taitung about which I was not sure. (Japanese guidebook which I read in bookstore says there are 6-8 daily buses, but I could not confirm this)

Hualien morning
Image: Next morning clouds cleared impressive mountains behind Hualien. I did not wanted to leave this town after seeing mountains

Image: mountain behind Hualien. Red building is bus station

I upload longer video with scenes outside window. This definitely it the most beautiful bus route in the world. No music just natural sound. See ocean, mountains and houses.

Video: scenes from window

From Hualien, bus was half-full, but soon most of people got out and we were a few people riding. Close to Hualien are nice penthouses and built up areas, but later on - simple houses.

Other passengers were local people. This time I could observe Taiwanese people closely. They talked language, which I heard first time and seemed not to notice me – I was just another passenger. Conversations were flowing enthusiastically in the bus that sometimes I was keen to jump in and talk, but I have no idea what is being discussed really.

Taitung bus
Image: This is the bus I was traveling

This bus route crosses tropic of cancer line. So there is special monument to mark this place.

Tropic of Cancer
Image: monument marking tropic of cancer belt

As closer it got to Taitung, the less people were in bus. Soon I was only the one passenger.

After arriving in Taitung, typhoon became strong and I had my shelter in KFC (Thank you, KFC!). With tourist pamphlet in English and no signs around, I had no clue, where I have arrived.

Check next entry about my time in Taitung.


Alison said...

Beautiful countryside - I didn't realise Taiwan was so rural, I expected to see more towns!

Mountaincat said...

It is pretty rural indeed. I was expecting to see at least some shops and petrol stations.