Monday, November 24, 2008

Kawazu Nanadaru seven waterfalls in Izu peninsula

Interesting seven waterfalls located in close distance from each other in Izu peninsula. Each waterfall has its name and number.

Video: look at seven waterfalls

In the middle of video, sign which says - wishing rock can be seen. After insserting 100 en in box, can make a wish and then throw three small rocks one by one to attempt landing them inside area encloded by rope. If pebble lands inside rock, it means that wish will come true. Simple, isn't it!

Ou Daru
Image: No 7 - Ou daru - the big waterfall, 30 m hight

Waterfall  Kani daru
Image: No 5 - Kani daru - crab waterfall

Waterfall - Syokei Daru
Image: No 4 - Syokei daru, 10m hight

Pretty long way from Tokyo. First by Tokaido line from Shinagawa to Atami, then change to line to direction of Izu Shimoda. Get off at Kawazu (Kawadzu). Then bus.

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