Thursday, December 11, 2008

Typhoon day in Taitung

Even typhoon was strong I could not enjoy warm hospitality of KFC for ever. I spotted 7 eleven and bought map in Chinese (see cover). Immediately asked staff – show me where I am. Now with reading road signs and following geometry of streets I could find one of hotels I spotted on internet. It was great relief.

Typhoon was really setting in, but at times there were periods of no rain. I got out of hotel and was enjoying sweet cakes in street cafe while being entertained with James Blunt songs. Cakes are like magnet for local stray dogs, but when given one they run away like devil from cross. Is their interest not gastronomical ?

The best place to see full power typhoon - is near ocean. There I met with police officers, who were not allowing curious spectators to approach ocean. Surprisingly came across two other foreign tourists. You can see them in video - they are even enjoying this typhoon.

Video: This is how it looks during typhoon

There was another unusual thing I saw in Taitung. On the street side, stage was set up on the opposite side to temple entrance and some performance was going on. But wait, where are spectators ?

Later I got to know that this is Taiwanese opera and they are singing for God. Good to see it.

Video: Taiwanese opera

It looks like all roles are played by women. Lady playing boy's role is singing in lower voice - falsetto. Actors seemed also a little bit surprised to see foreigner there.

Bonus video – musical garbage disposing truck.

Video: musical truck

Next day typhoon has passed.

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