Monday, December 29, 2008

Walk around Taitung market and departure

Next day weather cleared and it was pity to leave this town filled with sun. Taitung was last stop on the East coast and when crossing mountains to the West side I will be in Kaohsiung.

Streets were completely different from typhoon day and were really lively. I randomly walked around Taitung market. Even this town is so far from capital, I spotted Christian Dior and other brand shops. People really like brands, I thought and here they are not missing out anything from life in Taipei.

Video: Taitung market

Bus took me to Taitung station, which are some miles out of town. New station is in the middle of meadows and nothing much to do while waiting for train, so it’s time to do shopping.

Bus station
Image: Another Taitung bus station. I got my bus to Taitung railway station from here. Sign says - mountain line

This mysterious fruit, which was sold outside station, captured my attention. I asked name of it and to obtain one. As soon as I was told, I forgot its Chinese name, but later at home I found out that in English it can be called - sugar apple. Taiwanese guy, who was selling fruits, gave me one for free (well, getting something for free doesn’t happen so often, right ?).

Sugar apple
Image: sugar apple

He talked continuously, so I understood that he is trying to explain how to eat it. I encouraged him to communicate using gestures and what I understood is that it can be eaten while breaking in 2 parts and then using spoon or – another way - breaking peace by peace and eating with hand. It is really tasty and after one such fruit I felt really full.

Seller guy did not seemed to be one of those regulars at Christian Dior shop (fruits was really cheap). So, I gave him some money for fruits and nice explanation. It was first time I spoke with Taiwanese, even we could just communicate by using body language. I wanted to know more about their daily lives. Where do they live ? What they do for a living ? I assumed they live near to those big mountains, but are they all farmers ?

Video: Look outside Taitung new station. Wooden sculptures

Next train to Kaohsiung.

There is just one bus per hour to Taitung station. It costs 22 NTD.


Alison said...

Wow, been working my way through your Taiwan posts. Looks like a fantastic holiday - thanks for sharing.

Mountaincat said...

Hi! Thanks for reading. Not so much of a holiday, but more like trying to know more about...