Monday, December 29, 2008

Taitung to Kaohsiung by train

Image: Train linking Taiwan in the South

Luckily after typhoon rail and train were still there. With slow train traveled to Kaohsiung. It was raining, but views from train were fantastic. Especially, when crossing mountain range.

Video: Taitung to Kaohsiung. Not much can be seen as it was raining most of time

In the train I was sitting next to Chinese lady who is living in Taitung. One good thing I observed in Taiwan is that people don’t miss a chance to talk with foreigners if they can speak English. She wanted to hear me speak something and then she said she knew I am not American. I let her to guess where I am from and she called many countries, including Austria*, but still she could not guess.

They are curious, but maybe sometimes a little afraid. World is really diverse – I hope I contributed a little to internationalization of Taiwan.

In Kaohsiung, I went to see a bit of night city.

* Austria is sometimes missunderstood for Australia in Asia, because both names sound similar.

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