Monday, January 5, 2009

Night in Kaohsiung

I am in Kaohsiung, which is second biggest city and located on the Southwest side of Taiwan. City is in tropical belt so it’s warm all year round. Tourist guide said that there is a sixth-largest container harbor in the world and 35% of population is able to communicate in English.

Love river
Image: Love river during night

Love river promenade is the place where most tourists and locals hang around. I took a boat ride, which you can see in video. Beautiful sight and warm summer night made me overly melancholic.

Video: some sights in Kaohsiung. City is really trendy and modern. It has many things to see and enjoy

Other places shown on video are Urban square and shopping district. There is also pachinko as in Japan with sign pachinko in Japanese.

Image: Pachinko

As this was furthest point of my trip, I bought a telephone card and called home from public phone located right on the street. Distance is probably over 9000 km, but quality was superb – it was like talking in the same room. I still keep this telephone card as souvenir of high quality telecommunications.

ghost and fish
Image: Fish statue with some small cloud (ghost?)

Next heading to Kaohsiung temples in morning.

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Jade Wingz said...

The statue is a Mer-dragon. I have heard it was a lantern for the year of the dragon, And that it was so well liked that it as turned into a permanent landmark.