Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Five and more temples of Kaohsiung - Dragon Tiger Tower

Today I am ready to experience some Chinese culture and I am heading to see temples. There is area near Lotus pond, where many temples are located. I could only manage to visit six of them. Every temple is different and need at least a day to explore this area.

Image: Dragon Tiger Tower - front look

First temple or pagoda is Dragon Tiger Tower. Pictures of these two pagodas usually can be seen in tourist brochures about Kaohsiung. When approaching temple have to fight off post card sellers.

Video: sights inside and outside Dragon Tiger Tower

Have to enter dragon and come out from tiger. Inside is donation box - after giving donation can receive small card with picture of pagodas, which is nice memory.

There were no other tourists inside pagodas. So, I was rushing to enjoy it in silence (yeah, major tourist attraction in Kaohsiung was just for me). See pictures and views from pagodas in the video.

Image: look from pagodas. Now no water in pond

Pagodas on the Google map:

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Continue to Chi-Ming-Tang.

Not far from temple saw this Taiwanese squirrel playing.

Taiwan squirrel
Image: Taiwan squirrel

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