Sunday, March 14, 2010

Boats on Chao Phraya river in Bangkok

This is one of the things I found very entertaining during my visit to Bangkok. These boats serve most of the tourists spots. Easy to take and ride, favorite transportation for locals and tourists.

Video: views from boats

Bangkok boat, river scene
Image: Boats are lifeline on the river

Bangkok boat, pedals
Image: Only one pedal and gearbox, look at the drivers seat

Bangkok boat, pier
Image: Seems that boats run on some kind of bio diesel

Access: Skytrain BTB station Saphan Taksin


B said...

Great pics! I'm glad you enjoyed Bangkok. Did you go to Jatujak Market?

Mountaincat said...

Thank you for comment. I really enjoyed a lot and I have more video and photos to come.

I don't know this Jatujak Market. Next time I might visit it. Its really a bit city!

Bangkok needs some more tourist information. All days I was using map created by some department store.