Friday, May 25, 2007

CEATEC Japan 2006

Went to see some robots at CEATEC 2006 (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies). Old video, but I did some new editing.

Makuhari messe is built on reclaimed land in Chiba prefecture. Station and walkways can get really crowded days when popular exhibitions are held - like CEATEC, Tokyo Game Show etc.

Makuhari messe
Image: Makuhari messe is very big complex

There was a lot of things from consumer electronics, in which I was not so much interested. Some companies held robot demostrations. First, I filmed robot who can walk on stairs, then communication robot. I tried to speak with that robot, but lady in the booth gave me list of words what that robot can understand. That robot can perform some moves and something more, but this time it was low on batteries, so it was just talking with visitors and blinking eyes.

Most interesting was robot from Murata company - robot who was driving bicycle. It could navigate also by himself on clear white road. He looks little bit like astronaunt - white color and with backpack. Very crowded at Murata booth.♫

Booth girls - exibitionBooth girls - exibition
Booth girls - exibitionBooth girls - exibition
Image: Booth girls always ready to be photographed

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