Monday, May 28, 2007

Izu peninsula, small trip

Cycling trip to Izu peninsula in Shizuoka prefecture. Started from Numazu town and rode along the coast. It was nice small road, which plays around cliffs and goes deep into bays.

From road Izu Shizuoka prefecture
Image: small road on Izu

Later on road went up into mountains. Not really high mountains, but very strong and frontal wind made cycling difficult. After taking photos it was even impossible to get back on bike. When riding down the mountain I had to slow down, because wind at times were so strong that it could blow off the road. As you can see in video, I have even difficulty of holding camera.

Village by the sea Izu Shizuoka beautiful
Image: views from road are wonderful

In afternoon reached Heda - small town between mountains. After forests and mountains, I was happy to see civilization again. Heda has very nice harbor with beach facing mountains. It is shallow and protected from waves.

In evening, left Heda on the last bus to nearest train station. As the bus slowly climbed up the mountain, I lazy watched sun slowly disappearing in clouds. When reached train station, it was already night.

Heda, Shizuoka
Image: Heda town in Izu

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