Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hiking in Hakone during rain

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Hiking during very cloudy and rainy day. We went to Hakone and it started to rain. Had some lunch and decided what to do next with this rainy day. Not much options during the rain, so we choose to go by local small train, cable car and then some hiking in forest. Path, which started at the end station of cable car, lead us to salphur springs.

Everything was in white cloud. Time to time wind brought smell of salphur, then we knew we were on right path. Rain made us completly wet. After hiking walk around Lake Ashi and to Hakone. We met some tourists on the way, it seems that there are always some tourists don't matter what the weather is.

zaļais mežiņs
Image: forest in the low clouds

Image: this time forest seemed to hide some secrets

Image: Salphur springs

Here is my other pics about Hakone.

Going back by bus in the rain. This is national road number 1 from Tokyo to Osaka, but most cars will use express roads. ♫


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