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Fuji climb in 2007

Fuji 2007
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Video: sorry, there are some loud noises from wind.

Fastest climb to Fuji so far. Ascent was some 6 hours and descent 2 hours. This time different stragety - arrived with early morning busm then quick on the slope. I tend to choose Gotenbaguchi trail, because it is cheapest to reach by train and bus. Trail starts from about 1400m high, which is not the bottom, but right in the middle of mountain.

Bus was full with foreign tourists and locals. I quickly hit the mountain, because wanted this climb to fit into one day. First have to cross gigantic ash field. This ash field is so big that sometimes I lost feeling about horizon. On the way, met some Japanese army men. They were practicing running on Fuji slopes. We took some photos together, but did not talk much.

Some climbers brought flags with them, which I thought was nice. I think I should also bring my flag next time. Daytime has also many photo opportunities - I felt it’s much better to climb during daylight.

Fuji path
Image: path was enjoyable during cloudly daylight

Fuji clouds
Image: met many climbers. In this photo looking down the mountain

As last time, rest on 7th and 8th stations. This year they got new staff working there. They are very kind and talkative. When somebody passes by mountain hut they say "Please sit down and relax" and then "Otsukaresama". Inside huts Japanese soups and bottled drinks.

Above 3000 m, I started to switch out at times. Last 3500m to 3700m was most difficult. After reaching top, wind started to blow very strongly and everything was in cloud cover. I found some quite place to relax and to look around rocks on top of mountain. I spent just one hour, walking around and also tried to send postcard from Fuji post office.

Fuji rock
Image: Rocks on Fuji top are in stark red color

Fuji clouds
Image: Clouds stuck in Fuji quickly forming after it

My shadow
Image: Here is my shadow. Maybe longest shadow I have ever made

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