Wednesday, July 11, 2007

IFAF American Football World Cup: Japan - France

This was opening game of IFAF American Football World Cup 2007 in Japan. Japan played with France and win with 48:0. Pretty relaxed atmoshere, because Japan is one of favorites of tournament and champion of 1999 and 2003 world cups.

I went to see this game, because have not seen American football in real action and also because home team plays. So a lot of cheering and people buzzing around. Actually, this game was stopped all the time by referees, so it was a little bit borring. ♫

American Football World Cup: Japan - France
Image: France in blue and Japan in red uniforms

American Football World Cup: Japan - France
Image: Thanks for cheer girls, everybody stayed awake

This stadium looks something like this:

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kArEn said...

I'm not American football fans so I don't know which team is better. But I'm surprised Japan won that much!! France was that weak?

About Mountaincat said...

Thank you for comment. I can only say that Japan is so strong. They have many leagues - junior and professional. American Football is popular here.

Wenq said...

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