Thursday, September 13, 2007

Midland Square in Nagoya

Very tall building near Nagoya station. It is 247 m high with more than 44 floors. There is around-the-house panorama walkway on top, which starts at 44th and gradually descends to 42nd floor. Good view on city through glass windows, even elevator has glass windows, which gives maximum experience of the hight.

Nagoya doesn't have many high-rise buildings, except for area near Nagoya station. Nagoya station itself has two tall towers. Since new tall buildings are being built this area could become small Manhattan in the middle of Nagoya.

Image: Small model of Midland Square

Video: Look from panorama floor

Nagoya can be seen far away. Here Nagoya castle in the middle of green park

Image: Midland Square got competitor

It is just accross Nagoya station. Link to Midland Square home page is here (in Japanese).

Midland Square on Google map. Move around this place by dragging with mouse.

View Larger Map

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